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General Knowledge Machine Research Group

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Intelligent Knowledge Forefront. Adaptive Learning Applications.
Intellect Modeling. Just-In-Time Knowledge.

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Entovation International MemberAim: The volume of actual knowledge prevents people from applying it, because even the cleverest people can not learn everything they need. It is a try to overturn this with idea of Intellect Modeling. Additional information may be found in the papers ( "Intellectual activity, knowledge, information, data... An attempt to define it in an applicable way" ) (revised 11-Dec-1999, 1-Sep-2008, 15-Oct-2010, October 2017), ("Introducing a new kind of publishing: The Electronic Knowledge Publishing" ) (revised 11-Dec-1999, 1-Sep-2008), ("Is there any future for Artificial Intelligence?") (revised 15-Jan-2001, 1-Sep-2008, 8-Dec-2010, published by ISPIM News in 2001, Italy), ("Adaptive learning for knowledge-based organization") (revised 15-Dec-2001, 1-Sep-2008, 22-Nov-2010, presented for SSGRR'2002, Italy), ( "The Hypothesis of Descending Mind") Intellect evolution hypothesis, ( "Adaptive learning with e-knowledge systems"), published by Inderscience Enterprises Limited, UK, in IJTM, Vol. 25, Nos.6/7, 2003, ( "Overview of AI path in USSR and Ukraine. Up-to-date Just-In-Time Knowledge Concept. K.M. Golubev ") (Local), in the Proceedings of AI for Knowledge Management ECAI 2012/IFIP TC12 Workshop of the biennial European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in 2012, ( "Overview of AI Research History in USSR and Ukraine: Up-to-Date Just-In-Time Knowledge Concept by Konstantin M. Golubev in Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management. Editors: Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Danielle Boulanger. ISBN: 978-3-642-54896-3 (Print) 978-3-642-54897-0 (Online). "), published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Copyright IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, 2014 , and ("Presentation of Intellect Modeling Kit in PDf file") (revised October 2017). Last updated March 2018.

Areas of possible applications:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Organizational Learning
  • Electronic Knowledge Publishing
  • Adaptive learning
  • Management decisions support
  • Fraud detection
  • Helpdesks
  • Consulting
  • Diagnostics e.g. in medicine
  • Expert evaluation support e.g. in arts trades
  • Intelligent advancement of search engines
  • Natural cluster analysis of research data, regularities finding
  • Any kind of intellect-based systems

Are you going to implement intellect-based systems?

Konstantin M. Golubev, GKM Research Group coordinator (resume in PDF format)
can help you as intellect-based system development leader/consultant
e-mail: gkm-ekp AT users.sf.net  Send email letter 

Instrumental music - best for headphones - composed and performed by Konstantin M. Golubev

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History: General Knowledge Machine Research Group was founded in 1986 as informal institution by mathematicians and IT experts. Now it counts (11 members).

Results: The set of tools called General Knowledge Machine (GKM) was developed providing Intellect Modeling technology assisting intellectual activity, building intellect-based applications supporting effective knowledge presentation, precise knowledge search, adaptive learning and immediate consulting. GKM-IMK could be used for a creation of very effective intellect-based applications called e-knowledge systems. Early versions of GKM were developed for UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows operating systems. The latest version supports all platforms of GNU compiler options (any Windows, Linux, Unix ...).

Comparison of AI Expert Systems and E-knowledge Systems.

Expert Systems.

IMK Systems.

AI - Intended to replace human experts.

IMK - Intended to assist human intellect.

AI - Based primarily on mathematics.

IMK - Based on neurophysiology, psychology, knowledge management theory and mathematics.

AI - It is practically impossible to transform directly external knowledge sources to expert systems.

IMK - It is further advancement of a traditional publishing - external knowledge sources (books, articles etc) may be transformed into e-knowledge systems easily.

AI - Based on the decision rules concept.

IMK - Based on the general knowledge concept using approach developed by Academician of USSR M.N.Livanov.

AI - The more complex an expert system is - the worse it works.

IMK - The more complex e-knowledge system is - the better it works.

AI - Development has many stages and very expensive.

IMK - Development has one stage and relatively inexpensive.

AI - It is relatively hard work to incoroprate an expert system into other information systems due to sequential nature of data input and output.

IMK - E-knowledge system may be easily incorporated into any kind of information system due to support of wide range of data input and output sources.

AI - It is practically impossible to use expert systems for learning, because they are not based on human knowledge.

IMK - It may be easily used for Adaptive Learning applications, based on the Just-In-Time Knowledge concept.

AI - May not be used for a new knowledge creation.

IMK - May be used for a new knowledge creation.

AI + EKP - Good news for all AI developers: knowledge bases on the productions concept, may be used for electronic knowledge systems development.



Prof.: You are looking very worried. Any problems with exams questions?
Stud.: Oh, no! Questions are OK. It is the answers that I worry about.
Traditional Learning
Traditional learning is based on a linear process, when students must learn all proposed knowledge, topic by topic. After that students must pass exams to get acknowledgement from professors that knowledge is in their minds. Initial time of learning is very big, usually up to 17 years (school + university). There are many exams, sometimes very difficult, having significant influence on the life of students. But all this very hard work does not guarantee that students have all or even greater part of knowledge needed to solve problems which arise in their post-school activity, in the real world life.
Adaptive Learning
Adaptive Learning is based on a concept called Just In Time Knowledge (JIT-Knowledge). Total amount of external sources of knowledge, even in the specific areas, becomes greater all the time. It is not possible, taking into account limitations of human brain, to learn it with Traditional Learning, topic by topic. It means that in reality significant part of knowledge is not used by anyone, and many problems are not solved because no one learns needed knowledge. The Electronic Knowledge Publishing allows to find and to learn only knowledge relevant to existing problems.

Presentation of Intellect Modeling Kit in PDF file

News and opinions:

Intellect Modeling Kit is an alternative to traditional Artificial Intelligence, intended to build apps assisting human intellect on these steps of its activity:
* Observation
* Producing propositions based on knowledge
* Elimination of impossible propositions
* Selection and verification of the most appropriate propositions
* Memorizing - converting data to information and new knowledge item creation
* Abstraction finding building artificial objects, representing group of real objects featuring typical signs of group

Jule, 2014  Overview of AI Research History in USSR and Ukraine: Up-to-Date Just-In-Time Knowledge Concept by Konstantin M. Golubev in Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management. Editors: Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Danielle Boulanger. ISBN: 978-3-642-54896-3 (Print) 978-3-642-54897-0 (Online)  published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Copyright IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, 2014

August, 2012 Link to Workshop AI for Knowledge Management ECAI 2012/IFIP TC12.6 proceedings  AI expert Eunika MERCIER-LAURENT has placed our paper - Overview of AI path in USSR and Ukraine. Up-to-date Just-In-Time Knowledge Concept by K.M. Golubev - as a contribution into the Proceedings of ECAI2012. We would like to thank her for interest and support.,

Link to Workshop page  May-2012. AI expert Eunika MERCIER-LAURENT: I organize a workshop during ECAI 2012 conference in partnership with IFIP TC12.6. I would be happy to have all interested in AI and Knowledge Management in Montpellier this summer,

2011. Congratulations, General Knowledge Machine, one of your products, has been added to Softpedia's database of software programs for the Windows operating system. We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future.

Amason link December 6, 2011. Our work is featured in Innovation Ecosystems book by known AI expert Eunika MERCIER-LAURENT

  2007. Kiev, Ukraine. GKM-EKP technology was used to support gerontology medical research.

IAENG link November, 2006. Our work is featured in Case Based Reasoning with State Transition Mechanism for Problem-Solving in AI by Arijit Chatterjee, IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, 32:4, IJCS_32_4_14

Local 2006. Our work is featured in 28. Intellectual Activity, Knowledge, Information, Data ... An Attempt to Define it in an Applicable Way, Chirea-Ungureanu Carmen, Seceleanu Andra, Andrei Saguna University, Constanta, ROMANIA MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, NICOLAE BALCESCU LAND FORCES ACADEMY, MAN IN THE KNOWLEDGE BASE ORGANIZATION, XXI INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

Local  2003. Our work is referenced in Making Technology Effective By Patrick J. Dowling, Jr., Cincom Systems, Inc.

Local 2002. Our work is referenced in GESTAO INTELIGENTE DO CONHECIMENTO by Jordan Paulesky Juliani, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil

“ I visited your web sites with great interest. I strongly suggest that you attend our Tampere event www.uta.fi/EGEDL ).” Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D., Chairman, GLOSAS/USA, (GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A.), Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education, Founder of CAADE (Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education), President, Global University in the U.S.A. (GU/USA).

"I was most attracted by the possibility to use EKS/GKM as an expert system in the medical context." Rolf Gruetter, Media and Communications Management Institute, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

"Your information helps as we here in Australia have a low context language, but most of my student group are East Asians doing a Master of Linguistics and come from high context environments. I would appreciate being put on my emailing list for any further products. Sincerely," Peter French MAcc MEd, University of New England

"Let me say that your KM Machine I have seen at your site is smart." Piero Formica, Professor, School of Corporate Business, Universita di Bologna, Italy

“We were extremely interested to read of your ideas.” Kim Wilson, Head of Editorial & Development, ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING, Oxford University Press.

  1999. The paper: K.M.Golubev. Traditional + Adaptive Learning = broad way to Knowledge. Distance learning advancement project. Accepted for ISPIM'99 conference in Tokyo, Japan, 1999.

  1997. Kiev, Ukraine. First website started to work.

  1995. Kiev, Ukraine. GKM-EKP technology was used for banking management.

  1994. Kiev, Ukraine. GKM-EKP technology was used for arts applications.

  1992. Kiev, Ukraine. GKM-EKP technology was used for Parkinson's disease research support.

  1987. Kiev, Ukraine. GKM-EKP technology was used for x-ray diagnostics support.

  1986. Kiev, Ukraine. Inital ideas were generated. Development of GKM-EKP technology started.

Projects, services:

  1. EKS Medical radiography (Russian language) 1991

  2. EKS Oriental Acupuncture (Russian) 1992  download

  3. (EKS Avitaminosis (English) download

  4. (EKS Renaissance painting (English) download
    With this system you can identify an author or an artistry school of unknown artwork

  5. EKS Banking management (Russian) 1997

  6. (Windows version of EKS Gestures (English) 1998 )  
    Freeware download (332KB). Psychologists state that during a dialogue up to 40% of information is transmitted by words and intonation, and more than 60% by gestures. Therefore it is very important to understand a language of gestures and movements, which are not supervised by a consciousness and are exact indicators of a state of a person.

  7. (EKS Gestures (English) )  download

Entertainment projects:

  1. (Merry Christmas from Ukraine: carol, tale and game)
    Freeware download (163 Kb) for Windows 95/98/NT. Multimedia perfomance by painting expert Viktor P. Tkachenko. 

  2. (A state-of-the-art instrumental music by our musical expert Alexander A. Lisinchuk)
    Freeware download (2,800 Kb). 

"Festive occasion" painting by Viktor Tkachenko


  1. GKM tools sources for all systems - * free download

  2. GKM tools binaries for Windows, Unix, Linux, OS-X systems * free download

  3. Consulting on non-profit projects - * free

  4. Consulting on commercial projects - negotiable

  5. Commercial use of EKS from GKM Research Group - negotiable

  6. Development of EKS on a specific subject - negotiable

  7. Finding regularities in a set of facts - negotiable

* Note: Services are free because we realize very well what is not to have funds for interesting projects development

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